Carri Hulet

Senior Associate

Carri is a Senior Associate with CBI, where she leads CBI’s Women and Consensus Building Initiative and facilitates diverse groups working on public issues including climate change, water quality, energy, transportation, and smart growth. Carri is a skilled negotiation trainer and has led courses with private companies, NGOs, and government entities. The bulk of Carri’s recent work has been in climate adaptation, specifically with coastal towns in New England, and on gender and negotiation. Carri has a background in mediation, negotiation, and environmental planning and policy.

Prior to joining CBI, Carri worked with the Massachusetts Office of Dispute Resolution and The Langdon Group, based in Utah. While in Utah, she worked primarily with stakeholders on large transportation projects with significant environmental and community impacts. Carri returned to Massachusetts in 2011 to complete a two-year masters program in Urban Studies and Planning at MIT. During that time she was involved in a research project on hydropower development in indigenous communities in Chile and consulted on a project-by-project basis with CBI.

Carri speaks English and Spanish.

Gender and negotiation, climate change, NEPA, energy, transportation, smart growth, water resources, negotiation training


  • Cape Cod Regional Wastewater Management plan with the Cape Cod Commission to develop an area-wide water quality management plan for Cape Cod.
  • Greater Boston Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Study to assess the potential for BRT as a means to improve service, sustainability, and transportation equity in greater Boston.
  • New England Climate Adaptation Project, an effort to help four New England coastal communities determine how they might adapt to climate change, using tailored role play simulations.
  • West Davis Corridor Environmental Impact Statement, a multi-year $8M National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) project with significant wetlands and other environmental and social impacts.

Carri earned a Bachelor of Political Science from Tufts University and a Master of City Planning from MIT.


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