Clients & Conveners

CBI launches a national, multi-stakeholder forum to catalyze the diversification of Nigeria’s economy and government revenue sources in support of broad-based, sustainable development

CBI, Raab Associates, and the New Hampshire OEP conduct a performance assessment on New Hampshire’s energy facilities siting process through public and stakeholder outreach

CBI partners with MIT and NERRS to study the effect of role-play simulations on activism and planning around climate change adaptation

CBI assists Macalester College to design and lead intensive stakeholder workshops across the country to better understand opposition to wind energy; the research team finds that landscape values around wind energy development can be complex, nuanced, and intertwined with local values and interests.

CBI develops a long-term partnership with several levels of the United Nations Development Group's leadership, providing facilitation around key strategic priorities and plans; assessment on key issues; and, training and capacity building for essential collaboration, negotiation, and consensus building skills.

CBI conducts a study to evaluate multi-stakeholder dialogues run by the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development, and identifies six key principles for effective dialogue.