Clients & Conveners

CBI helps the Town of Meriden, CT create recommendations for downtown revitalization by conducting a stakeholder assessment and facilitating a public engagement process. CBI’s inclusive approach generates long-lasting support for redevelopment.

CBI conducts a stakeholder assessment, engaging community members with interviews, surveys, and forums about land use planning; produces a final report with specific recommendations for improving land use planning in Falmouth; and helps the Town Council implement the recommendations.

CBI convenes and facilitates the Cleveland Air Toxics Working Group, a multi-stakeholder group which reaches agreement on dozens of projects to reduce air toxin exposure in Cleveland, OH.

CBI assesses stakeholder concerns about the redevelopment of Assembly Square in Somerville, MA, convenes key stakeholders to assess their readiness to mediate, and issues a conflict assessment outlining areas of agreement and disagreement.

CBI conducts a stakeholder assessment and facilitates a policy dialogue on the application and permitting process for land use and development in New Castle County, Delaware.

CBI co-founds the Joint Environmental Mediation Service; trains Israelis and Palestinians in mediation and negotiation; and supervises trainees as they mediate active disputes, such as a dispute regarding the establishment of the Tzalmon National Park in Galilee.