Clients & Conveners

The dispute resolution process associated with IFC’s investment in Dinant required examining both company responsibilities as well as the deeper str

CBI collaborates with Shell to build community stakeholder engagement capacity by leading customized training, creating an interactive, multimedia curricula, and helping company leaders bolster internal training resources.

CBI has facilitated and helped to design multiple WWF dialogues aimed at developing environmentally and socially responsible production standards for commodities and goods including farmed seafood, beef, and timber. We’ve also helped WWF, a leading conservation organization, with strategic planning across global offices and programs.

CBI facilitates workshops in Ghana and Vietnam and designs tailored role-plays to help participants consider risks associated with climate change.

CBI conducts a stakeholder assessment around the construction of a hydropower project in northern India, with the aim of pinpointing and resolving conflicts between the energy company and the local community.

CBI designs and facilitates a stakeholder engagement process to identify stakeholder concerns about updates to the International Finance Corporation’s Safeguards Policy and Disclosure Policies.