Clients & Conveners

Convergence and CBI convene a conversation around the promotion of healthier eating.

CBI facilitates seven culturally sensitive, participatory consultation meetings between Native American Tribes and the U.S. Department of the Interior, which lead to a settlement implementation plan for one of the largest class action settlements in U.S. history.

CBI develops a long-term partnership with several levels of the United Nations Development Group's leadership, providing facilitation around key strategic priorities and plans; assessment on key issues; and, training and capacity building for essential collaboration, negotiation, and consensus building skills.

Through a thoughtfully facilitated process, CBI helps the United Nations Development Group determine its strategic priorities and develop a work plan to implement them.

Retained by the Ex-Offender Re-Entry Policy Council, CBI facilitates the work of the Council's Health and Housing Advisory Group by assessing the group's needs and designing and facilitating the Advisory Group meeting in Washington, D.C.

CBI conducts a stakeholder assessment and facilitates a negotiated rulemaking process on school maintenance funding for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.