Clients & Conveners

CBI partners with the UNDP and Peru’s Defensoria del Pueblo to deliver a framework for mediated conflict engagement.

CBI develops a long-term partnership with several levels of the United Nations Development Group's leadership, providing facilitation around key strategic priorities and plans; assessment on key issues; and, training and capacity building for essential collaboration, negotiation, and consensus building skills.

Through a thoughtfully facilitated process, CBI helps the United Nations Development Group determine its strategic priorities and develop a work plan to implement them.

CBI helps the United Nations Development Group build the political acumen — the diplomatic and coordination skills — of UN Resident Coordinators by defining the political acumen skill set, and aligning the UN's human resources department to integrate these skills into their assessment and training activities.

CBI facilitates workshops in Ghana and Vietnam and designs tailored role-plays to help participants consider risks associated with climate change.

CBI conducts a stakeholder assessment around the construction of a hydropower project in northern India, with the aim of pinpointing and resolving conflicts between the energy company and the local community.