Clients & Conveners

CBI facilitates workshops in Ghana and Vietnam and designs tailored role-plays to help participants consider risks associated with climate change.

Retained by the Ex-Offender Re-Entry Policy Council, CBI facilitates the work of the Council's Health and Housing Advisory Group by assessing the group's needs and designing and facilitating the Advisory Group meeting in Washington, D.C.

CBI helps Procter & Gamble's Customer Business Development group improve individual and organizational negotiation capacity by delivering tailored training, developing custom curriculum materials, and helping company leaders build internal training resources.

CBI delivers tailored negotiation workshops to groups across Hewlett-Packard; assists in the creation of new metrics for success; and helps implement a consistent negotiation framework.

CBI assesses key opportunities and delivers tailored negotiation training courses on Mutual Gains partnership between corporate and franchise leaders.

CBI provides highly tailored negotiation training and coaching to three Fortune 500 health care companies, combining training with in-depth application to an upcoming series of negotiations.