Clients & Conveners

CBI conducts a stakeholder assessment around the construction of a hydropower project in northern India, with the aim of pinpointing and resolving conflicts between the energy company and the local community.

CBI conducts an issues assessment around a contentious Superfund cleanup site in Stratford, Connecticut and facilitates a community advisory committee, allowing for increased community involvement in the cleanup decision making process.

CBI conducts a stakeholder assessment, engaging community members with interviews, surveys, and forums about land use planning; produces a final report with specific recommendations for improving land use planning in Falmouth; and helps the Town Council implement the recommendations.

CBI helps the Town of Meriden, CT create recommendations for downtown revitalization by conducting a stakeholder assessment and facilitating a public engagement process. CBI’s inclusive approach generates long-lasting support for redevelopment.

CBI facilitates a coalition of public, private, and government entities working to improve air quality in Boston and manages a related effort to bring together researchers, policy makers, and community advocates to discuss air quality issues.

CBI conducts a study to evaluate multi-stakeholder dialogues run by the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development, and identifies six key principles for effective dialogue.