In honor of International Women's Day, and to celebrate the launch of CBI’s Women and Consensus Building (WCB) program and our 20th Anniversary, CBI will donate a two-day political acumen training (maximum of 40 women) to an NGO working on climate change (clean energy, alternative fuel, etc.).

CBI originally developed this political acumen training for UN leaders working in challenging multi-stakeholder contexts to achieve greater programmatic and societal impact. We have adapted the political acumen framework for women working on climate change issues, who are seeking to build their skills in managing complex negotiations with government, civil society and corporate leaders. Read more about the training's framework on our brochure Strengthening Women's Voices for Greater Impact. Check the second page of the brochure for a description of the skills this course builds.

The winning organization will be selected based on the following critera:

  • Number of women community leaders interested and available to attend a two-day training between June and August 2014.*
  • Track record of the NGO, including the number of people served, policies influenced, and programs implemented, etc. A coalition of NGOs can apply jointly
  • Vision for how this training will be used to help the NGO(s) achieve its goals.
  • NGO’s Annual Budget (and %, if applicable) dedicated to training (internal and/or external audiences) 

* CBI can conduct the training anywhere in the world, but the training will be delivered in English only. If the NGO can provide translation, we will consider this option. Maximum number of participants is 40. 

The deadline for submission is March 25th at 11:59 PM EST. Interested NGOs should apply here https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MP282GH to answer the following questions for the NGO. If accessing Survey Monkey is not possible, please answer the questions in an email and send to Dory Dinoto. Brief answers are requested. Total response should not exceed three pages. 

  • Mission of the NGO
  • Date founded
  • Governance structure (staffing, board of directors, etc.)
  • Number of women you expect could attend a two-day training in 2014 between June and August (date to be mutually agreed)
  • Describe three successes (programs started, legal reforms influenced, etc.) your organization has had in the past three years
  • 3 - 5 short profiles (2 – 3 sentences each) of women who would participate in the training to demonstrate the range of experiences/backgrounds among the group (names are not required, but please include sample biographies)
  • Description of the need for this training. How would these women use the political acumen skills to achieve the NGO(s) goals?
  • Two references from donors, peer organizations, or clients

 The winner will be announced at CBI's 20th Anniversary on April 11, 2014. 

The winning group must be willing to have CBI use its name and the summary of the outcomes of their work in our publicity materials. CBI will cover its own travel and lodging expenses for the training, however the winning NGO will need to provide a room and any on-site expenses for the training.