Achieving durable, high-value agreements is a critical objective for every business. Particularly in difficult times, negotiation can be the difference between success and failure. Successful negotiators find ways to invent options for joint gain in complex environments. World-class negotiating organizations help their people to adapt to new negotiation challenges and contexts.

CBI’s trainers, coaches and advisors bring nearly two decades of experience working with leading organizations to improve negotiation outcomes, using our Mutual Gains Approach and the principles for building organizational capabilities outlined in our acclaimed book, Built to Win: Creating a World-Class Negotiating Organization.

CBI offers clients a suite of customized services — negotiation audits, tailored training and coaching, and consulting — to embed knowledge and skills into core business practices, positioning the organization for continuous improvement.

Our professionals provide concise and actionable advice to help our clients forge valuable agreements and protect key relationships, even in the most challenging situations.

Areas of Expertise

Negotiations with Clients

Negotiations with clients can test even the strongest relationships, particularly in lean times and competitive markets. CBI shows leaders and staff how to deal effectively with tough counterparts, including client agents.

Managing Difficult Negotiations

Tough negotiations can involve difficult people, competing mandates, organizational and analytic complexity, and technological uncertainty — and sometimes all of these! Drawing on decades of experience, CBI untangles difficult negotiations and provides careful prescriptive advice through training and coaching.

Partnering For Results

Sometimes good intentions don't turn into the hope-for results.  When teams and organizations need to work together, a host of challenges and barriers to collaboration can arise. CBI is experienced at working across many sectors and industries to help teams and groups reach decisions more effectively.

Managing Technology Negotiations

Technology negotiations bring special challenges that include psychological complexity, analytical complexity, and organizational complexity. CBI’s deep experience in technology negotiations best practice and thinking allow us to provide informed interventions and advice that reach more valuable, durable agreements.

Negotiating Regulatory Agreements

Businesses must navigate a host of regulatory environments and challenges. Often they see very little room to negotiate. CBI’s experience working with both regulators and businesses enables us to design training experiences that offer realistic and practical help.

Building A World Class Negotiating Organization

Businesses waste billions of dollars on training when organizational and market forces make deploying new skills difficult, if not impossible. Drawing on Built to Win: Creating a World-Class Negotiating Organization, CBI practitioners provide careful assessment and prescriptions that maximize results in the classroom and at the table.

Managing Conflict Inside the Organization

Conflict is a fact of life — and organizations. The cost of poorly managed conflict can be onerous and sometimes perilous to competitive organization. CBI uses our skills as assessors, trainers, coaches and consultants to design interventions that help organizations diagnose the sources of conflict, and address it more effectively.

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