Leading companies today seek to deliver social and environmental performance in addition to financial performance. Increasingly, companies find they must engage effectively with communities and other stakeholders to achieve these goals and it often isn’t easy. Conflicts can arise about a company’s environmental and social footprint. Historic grievances can stand in the way of productive collaboration and engagement. And all the while, international standards and expectations around best practices are evolving rapidly.

CBI brings over two decades of experience using our Mutual Gains Approach to help companies and their stakeholders to collaborate, negotiate and resolve disputes in ways that build sustainable solutions, generate shared value, and strengthen relationships. We use a variety of services and tools, including issue assessment, process design, facilitation, engagement, mediation and research.

Areas of Expertise

Negotiating Community Agreements

Major industrial and infrastructure projects often require negotiation with community stakeholders over project benefits and impacts. CBI helps businesses and stakeholders arrive at durable agreements that increase value for all parties, address underlying issues and concerns, and improve ongoing communications.

Resolving Stakeholder Conflicts

As stakeholder engagement problems arise, relationships and trust can deteriorate —  sometimes undermining a company’s social license to operate. CBI works with companies and stakeholders to implement meaningful re-engagement strategies, manage difficult conversations, and address specific concerns and issues.

Developing Credible Industry Standards

Increasingly, companies and their stakeholders are working together to develop credible industry standards that reward best performers and ultimately transform industries. CBI assists diverse stakeholder groups to build agreement on standards that have broad-based legitimacy.  

Collaborating on Joint Initiatives 

Both companies and stakeholders can gain from collaborating on joint initiatives that create shared social, economic, and environmental value. CBI assists businesses and their stakeholders in overcoming their unique collaboration challenges and undertaking beneficial joint action.

Dealing with an Angry Public

When public groups and advocates take strong exception to something a company has done, or plans to do, turning to PR as the solution carries real risk.  Using the principles outlined in CBI’s book, Dealing with an Angry Public, we help companies turn their critics into collaborative partners.

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