The greatest challenges and opportunities within organizations arise at moments of substantial change. Shifts in policies, markets, or donors; leadership changes; and internal learning can raise core questions about how best to pursue organizational goals. In some cases, governance itself is the issue. Leaders in new organizations, and in organizations making structural changes, need to answer the question “who decides what, and how?”

CBI helps leaders work together to leverage organizational opportunity, build on comparative advantage, and align internal and external stakeholders on strategies for success.  Where governance is the core issue, we facilitate the design of governance structures to dovetail the interests, responsibilities and capacities of stewards, leaders and managers.

We bring decades of experience facilitating collaboration, mutual gains negotiation, and consensus building within and across organizations. In every strategy and governance project we undertake, CBI carefully designs the collaboration process to build and maintain clarity on goals, stakeholders, and roles. Our experts bring deep understanding of corporate, public, multilateral and non-profit leadership contexts. We integrate these insights in each project by working intensively and impartially with organizational stakeholders. CBI’s unique approach to facilitation results in highly effective consultation, dialogue, and agreement seeking on complex strategy and governance issues.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership visioning and goal setting
  • Organization-wide strategic planning
  • Goal setting and strategy development for major organizational initiatives
  • Creating and maintaining inter-organizational partnerships and coalitions
  • Representation and decision making in complex organizations
  • Stakeholder and public consultation on organizational goals, strategy and initiatives

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