The purpose of the Falmouth Wind Turbine Option Analysis Process (WTOP) is to engage in an open, transparent, and collaborative exploration of the range of options for the long-term future of the Town’s two Wind Turbines – Wind I and Wind II.

The tasks of the WTOP are to:

  • Clarify the range of potentially acceptable long-term options
  • Identify the questions that would need to be answered about each of those options in order to evaluate their feasibility, costs, and benefits
  • Determine legitimate methods for gaining answers to those questions
  • Jointly review and interpret the data that comes back, and
  • Evaluate the options based on the new information.

Two additional goals of the WTOP are to:

  • Improve relationships and effective communication among the Town officials, affected families, and other members of the town
  • Provide an arena for public information and input and transparent deliberation and evaluation

The core interests at stake include:

  • Health, safety and well-being of impacted abutters
  • Property rights and economic impacts on property for abutters
  • Implementation of Falmouth’s climate action protection plan goals to reduce use of fossil fuel
  • Fiscal impacts on the town’s taxpayers and town services
  • An amicable end to a conflict that has divided and challenged the town’s relationships and reputation

Any broadly acceptable long-term plan for the turbines will need to respond to some extent to all of these core interests.

The participants represent the following interests:

  • 5 residents primarily concerned with adverse impacts of the turbines on neighbors, including health and economic impacts
  • 2 residents primarily concerned with implementing Falmouth’s climate action protection plan to reduce use of fossil fuel
  • 2 taxpayers primarily concerned with the Town of Falmouth's fiscal well-being
  • 2 residents with strong empathy for all perspectives. These representatives are primarily concerned with a fair and effective process that may lead to an amicable outcome and reunite the town
  • 3 Town Departments
  • 2 liaisons from the Board of Selectmen attend all meetings and are available to answer questions, but do not participate at the table

Facilitated by Stacie Smith ( and Eric Roberts (

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