Locating a Professional Facilitator

Professional facilitators have played a critical role in tough natural resources disputes and are increasingly adding value as the debate heats up.

When Should I Engage a Professional Facilitator?

Facilitators can contribute significantly when:

  • There is a divisive, complicated issue
  • Parties with divergent perspectives are not engaging productively
  • A group with a big agenda is encountering challenges moving forward
  • Litigation is a threat
  • Preserving relationships is critical

What Value Does Professional Facilitation Contribute?

  • Yields more durable agreements with widespread support
  • Empowers stakeholders to solve problems
  • Strengthens relationships that are critical for ongoing partnership
  • Generates policies, programs, and other concrete outcomes
  • Often saves money and prevents lawsuits
  • Often helps expand funding opportunities

How do I find and select a facilitator?

>> Interview candidates to discern their expertise, process, and personality/style. Ask them to provide examples of how they have handled challenging engagements and results that they have produced for clients. Involve other members of the group in conversations with candidates.

>> Consult the US  Institute for Environmental Conflict  Resolution Roster of vetted environmental conflict resolution professionals, with over 300  practitioners around  the country. 

>> Beyond our own expertise at the Consensus Building Institute, we recommend the following firms:

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