Lawrence Susskind, Danya Rumore

Can role-play simulation games help communities make the tough risk-management decisions?

Ona Ferguson, Todd Schenk

A working paper published through the Lincoln Institute of Land Planning, this paper explores how states and municipalities interact to address sea level rise, providing an overview of the state of practice, some reasons for different levels of action, and some of the needs of municipalities.

Lawrence Susskind

Lawrence Susskind, a world expert on decision making, and founder of the Consensus Building Institute, explains creative problem solving and the consensus building approach to Italian magazine Agorà.

Lawrence Susskind, Patrick Field

In Part II of this article series, Lawrence Susskind and Pat Field delve into three factors that contribute to increased public distrust, anger, and partisanship. They also discuss what can be done to reverse this trend.

Lawrence Susskind, Patrick Field

In 1996, Lawrence Susskind and Patrick Field published the book "Dealing with an Angry Public". They put forward six principles that might help win back the public’s trust. Yet the public is angrier than ever. Do the principles outlined more than 15 years ago still hold in this mad, mad world? Do they need to be revised?

Patrick Field

Patrick Field's review essay, "The Unreliable Narrator?" is a critical examination of John Forester's 2009 book, Dealing with Differences: Dramas of Mediating Public Disputes. The book focuses on several different mediators working on multiparty, public sector disputes and in narrative form, tells the mediators' stories of intervening in protracted, painful public disputes.

Hal Movius

This article reviews three basic assumptions that are called into question by recent findings regarding specific kinds of errors that people are prone to make when determining how they feel, and suggests that this line of research has important implications for negotiation theory, research, advice, and practice.

Lawrence Susskind

"Learning the Art and Science of Negotiation: Tools for All User Fee Stakeholders" is a chapter in the book PDUFA and the Expansion of FDA Usser Fees: Lessons from Negotiators.

Hal Movius

Hal Movius's article, "5 Steps to Negotiating Better Agreements" appeared in Human Resources IQ, an online community offering ideas, best practices and solutions to the business community.

Lawrence Susskind , Adam Z. Rose

Negotiators are accustomed to focusing on interests. But to resolve an entrenched dispute over differences in values and beliefs, you'll need a new set of tools.