Lawrence Susskind , Isabelle Anguelovski

CBI, the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program, and the the MIT Human Rights and Justice Program explore ways of addressing the land claims of indigenous peoples around the world.

Patrick Field , Matthew McKinney

This article discusses the pros and cons of community-based collaboration (CBC) by presenting data on nearly 50 cases of CBC on federal lands and resources in the Rocky Mountain West.

Kalle E Matso,Molly O’Donovan Dix,Benjamin Chicoski,Debra L Hernandez,Jerry R Schubel

CBI has pioneered the practice of joint fact finding (JFF) as the key to collaborative environmental management. This article traces CBI's impact on collaborative environmental management.

Patrick Field

Informed consent is a basic premise of civil society. However, the notion of informed consent in the multi-party, political arena of public sector mediation is challenging for several reasons.

Patrick Field, Stacie Nicole Smith , Hal Movius,Heather Conover,Paula Green

This article, published by the Society for Marketing Professional Services, CBI practitioners Patrick Field, Stacie Smith, and Hal Movius discuss how to maintain relationships and forge new ones during the construction phase of a project, paving the way to a successful project outcome and an effective organization.

David Fairman, Patrick Field , Hal Movius

David Fairman, Patrick Field, and Hal Movius review the kaleidoscopic volume, The Negotiator’s Fieldbook: The Desk Reference for the Experienced Negotiator, Andrea Kupfer Schneider and Christopher Honeyman (eds). Substantial and creative, the Fieldbook is notable for its sheer volume, the breadth of its authors, their perspectives, and the topics they engage.

Merrick Hoben , Kate Harvey,Nick Papadopolous

Take a take closer look at cell tower siting disputes, the history of approaches to preventing and resolving these disputes recommendations for handling telecommunications siting stakeholder disputes in more effective and efficient ways.

David Fairman

Based on the work of CBI and the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program, this article examines what it takes to set up an effective partnership for public conflict resolution in an emerging democracy, and ways to build both the demand for collaborative conflict resolution and the supply of qualified public conflict resolvers.

Hal Movius,Warren Bennis

In the wake of Larry Summers' resignation as president of Harvard, Movius and Bennis examine how the structural changes that have occurred in universities have made them increasingly difficult to lead.

Hal Movius,M. Matssura,J. Yan,D-Y Kim

In this article, CBI's Hal Movius reviews the literature regarding negotiation norms and approaches in Japan, China, and Korea. Drawing on structured interviews with experienced business executives at Hewlett–Packard, a U.S. corporation with a substantial presence in these countries, we highlight ways in which cross-cultural difficulties can arise in negotiations between American organizations and their Eastern counterparts.