CBI Recipient of “Innovation in Technology and Environmental Conflict Resolution (ECR) Award”

The Consensus Building Institute was pleased to receive an "Innovation in Technology and Environmental Conflict Resolution (ECR) Award" from the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution at the national 2010 ECR conference held in May in Tucson, Arizona.

The award, presented to Patrick Field of the Consensus Building Institute and Noah Susskind of Adroit Productions, recognized their work, “Stories from the Borderlands - In their Own Voices: A Podcast to Supplement an Issues Assessment on a Massachusetts River Restoration Land Use and Development in Two New England Towns.”

The podcast was nominated in the Visioning Technologies category for “works that help stakeholders think creatively and conceptualize project options to support shared solutions to environmental conflict and challenges.”

The winning podcast was developed as part of CBI's Village Innovation Pilot, funded by the Orton Foundation with the Nature Conservancy. The Pilot project engaged two towns in the rural Connecticut-Rhode Island border region in creating and implementing a vision for their future through exercises that included the unique power of audio storytelling. Long-time residents shared stories and feelings about their community that were recorded using portable microphones, accessorized iPods, and laptops. These stories were woven into NPR “StoryCorps” style pieces, two of which were broadcast on local radio stations.

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