Pat Field on "Bridging Divides" in Land Use Decision Making

CBI Managing Director Pat Field was recently featured in a conference call and podcast organized by Community Matters, a network of leaders devoted to community building. Pat, who leads CBI's Energy, Environment and Land Use Practice, was joined by Lesli Allison of Chama Peak Land Alliance to speak on the topic of "Bridging Divides: 4 Ways to Move Land Use Decisions in the Right Direction".

"Decisions about community land use and land management are rarely simple. Engaging all stakeholders in meaningful ways may seem daunting. How can you work with complex interests and issues to reach consensus? What tools help bridge divides and sidestep barriers to achieve agreement?" Pat and Lesli discussed these topics and others and shared a number of recommendations, including:

  • Plan for Facilitation
  • Stay True to Your Values
  • Move Out of Town Hall
  • Thinking About Policy Change? Start Talking

Listen to the recorded call or download the full call notes here.

Read the follow up blog post for a discussion of the topics in the call: Bridging Divides: 4 Ways to Move Land Use Decisions in the Right Direction