Lincoln Land Institute Climate AdaptationThe Lincoln Land Institute of Land Policy is a resource for policy makers and practitioners seeking to address issues involving the use, regulation, and taxation of land. Through its research, training, publications, and more, the Lincoln Institute provides high quality, nonpartisan analysis and evaluation for planning and policy decisions.

The Lincoln Institute and CBI maintain a strong joint venture, focused on improving dialogue around the built environment and public policy. Together CBI and the Lincoln Institute offer several courses for practitioners and academics on decision making and dispute resolution, including Adapting to Climate Change: Managing Risk in Decision Making and Resolving Land Use Disputes, which is also made available for free online. Other course CBI and Lincoln Institute offerings are made available on an annual basis.  The Lincoln Institute also sponsors research and publication at CBI, including reports, articles, and books. 

To learn more about CBI's work with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, contact CBI Associate, Elizabeth Fierman.