CBI and CSRI in PeruCBI is working on several projects with the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative (CSRI) at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government that focus on improving the engagement between companies and communities impacted by their businesses. CSRI is a multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder effort dedicated to studying and enhancing the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility (CSR) through research, dialogues, education, and outreach. CBI complements CSRI's research agenda with our on-the-ground field experience, capacity for conducting stakeholder assessments, and our CSR facilitation expertise. Our CSRI partnership has supported the development and implementation of the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, an initiative led by CSRI Faculty Chair John Ruggie under the auspices of the United Nations Secretary General.

CBI/CSRI partnership encompasses three areas:

  • Video Documentaries: As part of an effort to capture success stories around effective company-community engagement, CBI worked with CSRI on a documentary about a dialogue roundtable at a copper mine in Peru’s Andean highlands (view documentary in Watch/Listen in right sidebar). During the past decade, the roundtable has allowed communities and the company to resolve longstanding disputes over expropriated land, environmental issues, development challenges and allegations of human rights abuses. CBI conducted the interviews and assisted in production. A second “success story” documentary by CSRI will feature Chevron’s main community engagement program in Nigeria’s tumultuous Niger Delta, with a focus on the participatory stakeholder evaluation and re-negotiation process that CBI facilitated.
  • Global Mediation Capacity for Company-Community Disputes: CSRI and CBI have explored ways to increase globally the use of mediation in resolving disputes between companies and communities. CBI conducted dozens of interviews with community advocates, corporate CSR leaders and other stakeholders to explore options for enhancing the global capacity around company-community mediation. A report from the work made several recommendations, including the establishment of a global network of dispute resolution professionals with corporate-community experience (see Related Links to the right).
  • Corporate Culture Around Community Conflict: CBI is working with CSRI on a research initiative to capture the range of corporate cultures that exist in extractive companies around community conflict. The research is currently focusing on five mining projects in Peru, and aims to capture lessons on how internal company processes and attitudes can lead to better outcomes with impacted communities.

To learn more about our CSR work and the CSRI partnership, contact Senior Associate, David Plumb

Photo credit: Johanna Hull