5 Steps to Negotiating Better Agreements

Hal Movius
Human Resources IQ
December 2010

Hal Movius's article, "5 Steps to Negotiating Better Agreements" appeared in Human Resources IQ, an online community offering ideas, best practices and solutions to the business community.

In his article, Movius discusses treating negotiation as an organizational capability and identifies five things that leaders must do to enable better decision-making in negotiations:

  1. Recognize that negotiation is not just an individual skill, but an organizational capability.
  2. Specify the criteria that define a successful negotiation.
  3. Embrace negotiation as a core capability.
  4. Create opportunities—through coaching, training, and leadership development experiences—for your people to confront their own emotional barriers to conflict.
  5. Recognize that negotiations are a potent source of feedback regarding strategy.

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