The Art of Negotiation: A Mutual Gains Approach

What characteristic do companies with high revenue growth, low costs, great partnerships and exceptional customer service have in common?

The ability to negotiate great outcomes - with individual customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers.


CBI has partnered with CorpU to offer three groundbreaking virtual training courses to help you improve your negotiation skills and maximize the potential for consistently desirable outcomes. The Art of Negotiation: A Mutual Gains Approach is the first in this three-course series.

The curriculum is based on research from the Inter-University Program on Negotiation At Harvard Law School, The Harvard-MIT Public Disputes Program, and best selling book from Harvard Business Publishing, Built to Win: Creating a World-Class Negotiating Organization, co-authored by course instructors and senior leaders from CBI, Lawrence Susskind and Hal Movius.

With weekly on-line forums, group projects, interactive practice sessions, and live events, the content, delivery method and price point are designed to allow you to cascade the learning to your entire organization, anywhere in the world.


  • Introduction
  • Core Concepts in Negotiation
  • The Mutual Gains Approach to Negotiation
  • Dealing with Complexity in Negotiations
  • Managing Multi-Party Negotiations
  • Summary/Capstone

Courses two and three focus on providing deeper practice and driving new business processes into your organization.

Scroll through the videos at right to watch sample lectures.


Dr. Lawrence Susskind - CBI Founder and Chief Knowledge Officer, and Ford Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning at MIT 

Dr. Hal Movius - Founder and President, Movius Consulting, Inc.


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