Catherine Morris

Senior Mediator

Catherine brings over 30 years of experience in energy and environmental policy, regulation and stakeholder engagement to her role of Senior Mediator at CBI. Catherine has designed, convened, and mediated/facilitated stakeholder forums and negotiations on a broad range of energy and environmental topics. She recently designed and led the stakeholder process for a 3-year, first-of-its kind electricity transmission planning effort for the Eastern U.S. She also designed and facilitated a joint fact-finding on the role of nuclear power in the U.S., which has been used in university curriculums and cited by the media to define the intersection of industry, consumer advocates, regulators and environmental groups on the safety, waste management and economics of nuclear power. Catherine helps stakeholders across diverse organizations and sectors to develop and implement more effective agreements by relying on credible experts and analysis to support their joint learning and negotiations.

Catherine joins CBI after working for 10 years with The Keystone Center, and before that as a state utility regulator, a writer for The Electricity Journal, and a policy analyst with a number of energy and environmental organizations including the U.S. EPA, the Center for Clean Air Policy, Environmental Law Institute and IES, an energy engineering firm.

Catherine is listed on the roster of conflict resolution professionals of the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution. She works out of CBI's Washington, D.C. office.

Areas of Focus

Climate change and air quality, energy production and markets, energy infrastructure planning and development, renewable energy and energy efficiency, nuclear power and nuclear waste management, state energy and climate planning, federal clean air and clean energy policy, transportation fuels and technology

Highlighted Projects

  • Lead Facilitator & Project Manager, Eastern Interconnection Transmission Planning Collaborative
  • Lead Facilitator & Project Manager, Nuclear Power Joint Fact Finding
  • Mediator, Washington County, PA Transmission Reliability Agreement
  • Facilitator, Climate Technology Innovation Workshops


Catherine holds an M.RP. in Environmental Planning from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and a B.A. in Economics from the College of William and Mary. She completed her negotiation and mediation training at the Northern Virginia Mediation Center at George Mason University.