CBI and Program on NegotiationThe Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School, created by the Presidents of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and Tufts University in 1983, is an inter-university consortium dedicated to advancing the theory and practice of negotiation and dispute resolution. CBI Founder and MIT Professor, Lawrence Susskind, was PON’S first executive director and currently co-directs PON’s Negotiation Pedagogy Initiative, with Harvard Business School Professor and CBI Board Member, Michael Wheeler. PON oversees the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program (PDP) as well as several other interdisciplinary research projects.

CBI Managing Directors, David Fairman and Patrick Field, are the associate directors of the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program, Lawrence Susskind, its director, and Tufts Professor and CBI Board Member, William Moomaw, co-director. PDP’s work intersects with CBI's practice in several areas. PDP pursues action research on international environmental treaty negotiation; land claims of First Peoples; the use of mediation to resolve science-intensive public policy disputes; and strategies for managing the risks posed by climate change. PDP is involved with a new water diplomacy program at Tufts University, and with CBI, offers a series of professional training programs, including “Dealing with An Angry Public”, “Technology Negotiation”, and “Joint Fact-Finding in Science-Intensive Public Policy Disputes.” Graduate students from MIT, Harvard and Tufts are involved in almost all PDP efforts to document lessons learned and develop teaching materials. More than fifty role-play simulations and case studies produced at CBI and the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program are distributed through the online Clearinghouse at the Program on Negotiation.     

For more information, contact Lawrence Susskind, CBI Founder and Chief Knowledge Officer.