A negotiations audit done by a specialist with a deep understanding of negotiation theory can pinpoint areas where negotiations are falling short, analyze potential causes, and recommend appropriate interventions — before an organization commits significant training dollars. CBI places a premium on effective negotiation needs assessments using a variety of methods that identify gaps in negotiation performance, allowing us to customize training events to maximize key learning. By investing in a thorough CBI negotiation audit and needs assessment prior to training, organizations build long-term intellectual capital and target the particular issues that prevent them from achieving better results.

CBI's experts interview representative managers and negotiators to learn more about their current approach, the challenges they typically encounter, and the organizational conditions they operate within. Where appropriate, we also carry out individual skills assessments through the use of 360-degree feedback questionnaires and other tools.

Based on a comprehensive negotiation audit, CBI provides clients with:

  • A thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current negotiation and decision-making practices
  • An analysis of how training can be tailored to address those specific problems
  • Ways in which leaders can ensure that new negotiation skills and learning will be deployed within the organization