CBI professionals have a thorough understanding of group dynamics and vast experience facilitating hundreds of diverse meetings and problem-solving processes, including large, multiparty policy dialogues for a number of local, national and international organizations. Much more than meeting managers, CBI’s facilitators: engage deeply in the substance to help stakeholders clarify issues, interests and options; think strategically about negotiation to maximize joint gains for participants; organize and advance stakeholder thinking through policy analysis and synthesis, and coach individuals and organizations to strengthen facilitative leadership and organizational collaboration capacity.

CBI’s expert facilitators actively manage the entire process, ensuring that everyone is involved and encouraging open discussion by:  

  • Introducing procedures to ensure effective discussion
  • Managing “at-the-table” dialogue and meeting proceedings
  • Facilitating timely and focused conversation
  • Helping groups name problems and identify options
  • Working to maximize joint gains
  • Helping avoid or resolve disputes
  • Ensuring constant progress by engaging participants outside of meetings
  • Understanding the importance of neutrality
  • Practicing impartiality