When faced with challenging, complex, multiparty issues every funder, convener, and participant wants to know: Is there a chance we can work out our differences? What collaborative process should we use, and who should be involved?  Will the costs and risks be too high for us to proceed? CBI has developed a comprehensive and proven method to answer these questions and more — bringing our well-tested theory of Mutual Gains negotiation and our broad, substantive expertise to bear when conducting stakeholder assessments.  CBI’s assessment reports are readable and comprehensive — and as professional neutrals, we know what it means to guarantee confidentiality.

Using a participant-driven and adaptive approach, CBI utilizes a range of assessment tools including web-based surveys and in-depth interviews to:Stakeholder and Issue Assessment photo

  • Map stakeholder interests and concerns
  • Gauge prospects for successful engagement
  • Consider various process design approaches
  • Frame issues and problems
  • Help determine whether or not to go forward with engagement efforts