Conflict within or among groups and communities working on public issues can waste time, ruin relationships, and stand in the way of achieving mutually beneficial results. Mediation based on the Mutual Gains Approach offers a unique way of generating mutually acceptable outcomes, even in the face of intensive conflict. CBI’s professional mediators help bridge differences and resolve conflict through confidential conversations, caucusing of like-minded constituents, extensive work between meetings, helping parties identify and understand their alternatives, and generating the analytical framework and structure for agreement.

CBI's professionals use their exceptional breadth and depth of experience and skill to establish a collaborative environment, handle tensions, avoid escalation, and create value for all parties. Using effective mediation, we enable engagements that build relationships, increase transparency, and make subsequent collaborative work more productive.

CBI's mediators work with stakeholders to:

  • Design and oversee a process with significant stakeholder input
  • Use joint fact finding to create shared understanding of facts and options
  • Develop relationships based on trust and respect
  • Brainstorm creative options
  • Maintain close communication with constituencies
  • Develop nearly self-enforcing agreements
  • Ensure that agreements are presented in clearly written, implementable, and legal documentation