Stakeholder engagement through community meetings and other processes is often a challenging endeavor. Without proper planning and management, meetings can be chaotic, unproductive and sometimes volatile; conversations are unfocused; and the overall value of the efforts limited. CBI helps leaders, organizations, businesses, and agencies to interact productively with the public, facilitating meaningful engagements that build trust, strengthen relationships, and contribute to better outcomes.  Our skillful professionals carefully design and facilitate engagements that advance goals and objectives, and provide opportunities for stakeholder concerns to be voiced and explored in a respectful and constructive manner.

CBI helps conveners connect with stakeholders through public meetings, focus and advisory groups, web-based engagement tools, and other interactions.

CBI’s experts carry out effective public outreach and engagement by:

  • Ensuring that meetings are publicized in ways that are appropriate to time and place
  • Designing agendas in collaboration with the public and the convener
  • Helping to clarify issues, identify questions, surface underlying interests, explore options, and make decisions
  • Optimizing the ways in which participants can provide input
  • Asking questions of participants during meetings; summarizing and synthesizing comments
  • Designing and carrying out consensus-building processes in cases of conflict
  • Producing records of the meetings in the form of meeting summaries or action-item lists

CBI employs technology tools to support the engagement process, including:

  • CBI-hosted project websites
  • Consensus building workspaces
  • Externally hosted collaboration sites
  • Online scheduling
  • Online polling
  • Real-time keypad polling
  • Virtual meetings
  • Podcasts
  • Surveys