Improving negotiating outcomes requires embracing negotiation as a core capability — it is not enough to train individuals to negotiate more effectively. Without organizational alignment of processes and incentives, training may succeed for the short-term, but new skills will not be maintained.  CBI helps leaders learn how to support newly trained staff with appropriate policies, procedures, and resources. Frequently this requires changes in assignment of responsibilities, new techniques for reinforcing group commitments, and shifts in organizational culture and norms.  CBI's approach ensures that organizations build their internal and external coaching capability and sustain gains from training over time.

Strategic Advising and Consulting

CBI's experts build negotiation capacity by helping organizations to:

  • Ensure that decisions about negotiations and collaborations are not left to the last minute or to individual intuition
  • Specify the criteria that define a successful negotiation
  • Realign processes and incentives where needed
  • Create opportunities for staff to confront their own emotional barriers to conflict
  • Recognize that negotiations are a potent source of feedback regarding strategy
  • Commit to evaluating the impact of negotiation trainings by measuring results rather than participant reactions to training