CBI coaches and trainers are among the most experienced negotiation facilitators, dispute systems designers, and professional mediators in the world — and work with government agencies, businesses, and organizations in the United States and abroad. Drawing on extensive experience, CBI offers clients real-world examples of how our Mutual Gains Approach to negotiation can be applied to their issues and opportunities. And unlike solutions that offer the same content to everyone, we customize training to reflect the unique challenges facing each client.  Organizations that invest in our negotiation training and coaching build long-term intellectual capital and target issues that prevent them from doing better.

CBI carefully targets our training to learners, knowing that they will better absorb and retain content that is relevant to them. We use a combination of customized lectures, small-group discussions, videos, role-playing exercises, online tools, and clinics to allow participants to practice negotiation skills and get answers to their real-life questions.

Negotiation Training

Sponsors and participants of our tailored training report substantial returns from their investment, including:

  • Agreements that better meet the interests of all negotiation partners
  • Millions of dollars in cost savings or additional revenue
  • Litigation and political conflict costs avoided
  • Better relationships with internal and external negotiation partners