Reel Life: Making and Using Films to Teach Negotiation

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School
Cambridge, Massachussetts

The Negotiation Pedagogy group at the Program on Ne­gotiation at Harvard Law School (NP@PON) invited CBI’s Hal Movius to present “Reel Life: Making and Using Films to Teach Negotiation”. In this presentation, Movius focused on his work in developing video simulations to help corporations train staff in negotiation techniques. His films have been very well-received and have provoked exciting conversations about negotiation instruction.

Hal explains, "Many training films are poorly made and therefore not credible or interesting to audiences. But well-made films that show people and problems that are realistic can provoke a deeper experience than just reading about a case or situation. They can show how things are unfolding, and choices that a person or group is making, in ways that are very rich."

Read more about Hal's presentation at PON in Orlee Rabin’s article, “Making and Using Films to Teach Negotiation” (NP@ PON Summer 2010 “Teaching Negotiation” e-newsletter).

To the right, watch a clip from "The Linder Negotiation", a proprietary training video produced by CBI for Procter & Gamble.