Approximately three years ago, I found myself at an aquarium concept hotel in Manila delivering a negotiation workshop for the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Regional Office for the Western Pacific.  The venue, not of CBI’s choosing, was a meeting room with a giant shark tank running along the longest wall.

Bennett Brooks

Consensus-seeking dialogues can be instrumental in helping build agreements around complex policy issues, but there are times when the press for agreement can drive parties to take more extreme positions.

Patrick Field

How do you ensure a technical workshop is successful, with rich discussion, extensive information sharing, and clear, focused, practical outcomes? Over the years, CBI has learned a great deal about best practices for planning and facilitating technical meetings. Here is our advice.

"Built to Win" co-author, Hal Movius, reflects on lessons, challenges, and solutions that have emerged in the two years since the book was released.

David Plumb, Todd Schenk

Role-play simulations are one tool that decision-makers can use to learn how to incorporate climate change risks into short-term and long-term decision-making.

Merrick Hoben, David Plumb

This case study seeks to draw lessons from a large-scale and ongoing community engagement process involving Chevron Nigeria Ltd. (CNL) and hundreds of communities impacted by its onshore operations in the Niger Delta.

Ona Ferguson, Todd Schenk

How can communities manage the risks associated with climate change and adapt appropriately? Here are our recommendations based on what we know so far.

Ona Ferguson

There are many challenges that arise when working collaboratively with large groups on complex subjects over several years. Ona Ferguson shares some thoughts on a few of the common challenges, how CBI deals with them, and what we have learned in the process.