WTOP Final Report 

8.1.    CBI Resources

8.1.1.    Revised Assessment Findings with Draft Recommendations (03/23/12)
8.1.2.    Final Process Recommendations for the Falmouth Wind Turbines Options Process (04/19/12)
8.1.3.    Presentation to Falmouth Town Meeting, (S. Smith, 11/13/12)

8.2.    Resources and Reports Used by or Relied Upon by the WTOP

8.2.1.    Acentech    Sound Mitigations Options Review and Recommendations, (E. Wood and J. Barnes, 7/24/12)    Monitor and Document Wind Turbine Sounds (E. Wood, 09/11/12)    Wind Turbines Sound Modeling, Falmouth, Massachusetts, (E. Wood and J. Barnes, 11/20/12)    Wind Turbines Sound Modeling Summary Presentation (E. Wood and J. Barnes, 11/20/12)

8.2.2.    DEP    Attended Sampling of Sound from Wind Turbine #1, Falmouth, Massachusetts, (MassDEP, 05/2012)

8.2.3.    DNV Kema    Wind Turbine Mitigation Options – Tony Rogers, DNV Kema (T. Rogers, 7/31/12)    Revised Wind Turbine Mitigation Options – Tony Rogers, DNV Kema (T. Rogers, 8/14/12)    Response To Additional Questions Memo (T. Rogers, 08/14/12)    Falmouth Shadow Flicker Summary (S. Meyer, 10/10/12)    Example Break-even Curtailment Scenario Memo (T. Rogers, 10/10/12)    Updated Wind Turbine Curtailment Scenarios (T. Rogers, 11/07/12)    Revised Updated Wind Turbine Curtailment Scenarios (T. Rogers, 11/27/12)

8.2.4.    Sustainable Energy Advantage    An Evaluation of the Revenue, Expenses, Production and Financial Performance of Falmouth Wind 1 and Wind 2 Under Multiple Operational Scenarios (T. Rogers and J. Gifford, 10/30/12)    Draft Revenue, Expense and Cash Flow Analysis Presentation (J. Gifford, 11/07/12)    Financial Analysis Objectives Presentation by Tony Rogers and Peter McPhee (J. Gifford, 11/28/12)    Draft PV Cash Flow Analysis (J. Gifford, 12/03/12)

8.2.5.    Town of Falmouth    “Board of Health Turbine Testimony Locations”, Falmouth GIS map showing locations of Board of Health complaints in relation to the turbines, Fig. 1, Board of Health hearing, May 24, 2012 (B. Shea, 6/14/2012)    Falmouth Board of Health Hearing Health Effects of Wind Turbines (05/24/12)    Long Pond and Town Maps (B. Shea, 8/14/12)    Contracts Relating to Wind 1 and 2 Presentation (7/10/12)    ARRA Grant for Wind 2 (2/23/10)    Brokerage Agreement (5/24/12)    Interconnection Agreement Wind 1 (12/2/09)    Interconnection Agreement Wind 2 (1/11/12)    NSTAR Invoices (9/10 to 6/12)    Powerdash Contract    REC Agreement with CVEC (5/17/10)    REC Agreement with MassCEC (7/29/09)    Wind 1 Vestas Service Agreement (7/29/09)    Wind 2 Vestas Service Agreement (9/9/10)    Wind 1 Debt Repayment Schedule (Town of Falmouth, 10/10/12)    Projected Financial (and Renewable Energy) Impacts of TM Art 9 (10/20/11, A. Lowell)    Summary of Falmouth Energy Accounts (A. Lowell, 10/23/12)    Climate Protection Action Plan (Falmouth, Massachusetts, 09/12/05)    List of average tax increases should the town provide $1- to $5-million to solve the issue, (D. Bailey, 11/15/12)

8.2.6.    MassCEC    Description of the MassCEC/Town of Falmouth REC Contract (N. Bolgen, 7/10/12)    Net Metering Overview (N. Bolgen, 8/6/12)    Site Evaluation and Development Process for the Falmouth WTOP memo (8/13/12)    Site Evaluation and Development; Town Site Near MMR; Net Metering (N. Bolgen, 8/14/12)    Shadow Flicker Impact Analysis for Falmouth’s Wind 1 and Wind 2 (P. McPhee, 10/3/12)    PV System, Turbine Resale Value, Airspace Review, Acoustic Monitoring (N. Bolgen, 11/20/12)

8.2.7.    WTOP/Other    List of WTOP Participants, Stakeholder Groups, Contact Info.    Transcript of the Neighbors Statement of the WTOP (06/06/12)    Falmouth Wind Turbine Option Analysis Process (WTOP) Final Operating Protocols (WTOP, 6/19/12).    Turbines Relocation Maps (B. Shea, 7/10/12)    Photovoltaics: Alternative Renewable Energy Option Overview (M. Amsler and S. Karplus, 8/6/2012)    WTOP Fact Sheet (WTOP, 9/12/12)    Summary of Craggy Ridge Wind Turbine Survey Results (09/2012, Craggy Ridge Homeowners Association)    WTOP Presentation to the Craggy Ridge Neighborhood Association, Process Overview (L. Davis and J. Oppenheim, 9/22/12)    WTOP Notes from Craggy Ridge Meeting (L. Davis and J. Oppenheim, 9/22/12)    WTOP Falmouth Wind Turbine Neighbors’ Survey Invitation Letter (11/02/12)    WTOP Falmouth Wind Turbine Neighbors’ Survey (11/20/12)    WTOP Falmouth Wind Turbine Neighbor’s Survey Analysis (11/20/12)    Falmouth Wind Energy Time Line (K. Cardeira with WTOP input, 01/10/13)    11th International Meeting on Low Frequency Noise and Vibration and its Control, Netherlands (Van Den Berg, 09/2004)